Brother Kevin Joseph professed First Vows in June 2018. I was formerly a member of an Anglo-Catholic Cistercian Order in the early 2000s. During that time, I was the monk in residence at Bread of Life Anglican Church and was also appointed a sub-deacon (a revived rather ancient non-ordained position.) I am currently involved with the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) where my wife is a deacon. At this point, though I do not plan on renouncing my membership in the Roman Church, I am choosing not to formerly affiliate with any denomination. I am drawn to the EOC because of its very ecumenical position in Christendom. The Founding Document reads as if my own soul has been read.

My journey has been from a rather fundamental evangelical upbringing, through a couple of independent evangelical churches into a sacramental form of worship. Two of those churches folded, which, in the end provided a perspective on how faith and practice are realistically lived out. After I moved to the Anglican Communion, I realized I had a heart for more sacrament and "went to Rome" (as were many Anglicans at that time). I spent about 23 years volunteering in prison ministry; it was truly a gift to be allowed to do that ministry. I learned way more from the guys in prison...and the worship was transcendent.

I spent several years as an agnostic, though one of my evangelical friends thought I was more of a functional atheist. In any event, I have found that period of rather extreme skepticism has served me well. The last year or so I spent studying contemporary Druidry with Ar nDraioch Fein. I have a strong sense of the sacredness of the earth and nature but, in the end, the image of the cross and some guidance from St. Brighid moved me back to the Christian tradition.

I have a love for Celtic spirituality and am beginning studies and conversation with the Reformed Celtic Church. I find a sense of the divine in liturgy, ritual and sacrament. There is something to the human need for the tactile and poetic narrative. I do tend to the contemplative but have learned to live in an extroverted world and dearly love open and deep spiritual conversations.

I am a retired command staff police officer, and military veteran. I have a degree in social science and psychology along with all the training and education that goes with being in law enforcement.