Brother Jeremiah professed vows on June 13, 2019. He was raised in Philadelphia, PA and very proud of his Puerto Rican heritage. He studied Philosophy and Theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. After serving the Church of Philadelphia for 20 years, Brother Jeremiah moved on to other areas of ministry.

His journey led him to the Ecumenical Order of Charity in 2017. Upon reading the Founding Document, Brother Jeremiah found what he had been seeking for quite some time, namely, a home among the People of God where ALL are welcomed and loved! He is currently living in the city of brotherly love, in Philadelphia , PA, where he is primary care-giver to his 83 year old widowed mother and enjoys employment on the insurance side of the healthcare industry.

Brother Jeremiah feels greatly blessed to have found a peaceful and loving home among the EOC family. It is his hope and desire to spread this peace and love, which is firmly rooted in Jesus Christ, among everyone he encounters in his daily walk as he continues and deepens his adventurous journey as a Charitist monk in the world!