Some years ago, I was dashing through the halls of St. John’s School. I was so focused on my next thing that I failed to recognize the children in the hallways. I know that this must seem difficult to do, but somehow, I managed. Before I knew it, I had gone past everyone without acknowledging them. I can’t remember what it is that I was so distracted by, but as I reflected on that moment, I thought of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland; “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” Much like this whimsical rabbit, I too had dashed into my office to start the next thing. After some time, I realized what it is that I had done. Not only had I ignored everyone in the hallway, I had also failed to be available to them. Since that day, I have tried to be available to the children, the teachers, the faculty, parents and staff to the best of my ability. I have made it my intention to watch for those who may need a bit more of attention and even crouch down to meet the children’s gaze eye to eye. Failing to recognize the children on that day reminded me that so often, we wonder through life speedily moving to our next thing. In our world, this movement means business and time is money, but the reality is that as members of a religoius order and as people who follow Christ, we are called upon to stand in the world in a different way. Whether we stand in our habit or in plain clothes, we are called upon to be something of a lightpost in the hustle and bustle of the world. We are called upon to be available to the “other” whomever that may be and to welcome the love of God in every new step. For me, this process of growing in my availablity and awareness has allowed me to pay attention to life around me in new and different ways. In a similar way, in community we are called upon to be avaiable to each other and to the places where we call each other to go. At GA, we gather to remind ourselves of the gift that we have in community and to reenergize the sense of calling that we have each discerned. In order to do all this, however, we must be willing to meet each other where we are, which I believe we do very well as Charitists. This availablity of self, is also something that allows us to be at peace when big decisions must be made. Overall, the call to availablity as I have come to understand it, is the gift of self to others. It means that I am intentionally present to God, to community and to others in order to continue living into God’s will with every step. I thank you all for being a part of this vocational call with me and I hope and pray that each of us, may be available as God calls us into new and exciting adventures. You are beautiful. You are loved.